Cannacare Rx Clinics and its subsidiaries and affiliates (“Cannacare Rx Clinics”) value your privacy and confidentiality. This Cannacare Rx Clinics Website Privacy Policy (referred to as “this Privacy Policy” or “this Policy”) describes how Cannacare Rx Clinics uses personal information that you provide through this Website and the security measures Cannacare Rx Clinics takes to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the personal information you submit through this Website. By submitting any information and using the Website or any Related Service, you are subject to this Policy.

  1. Information Collected. Through this Website and Related Services, Cannacare Rx Clinics collects personal information you provide through on-line registration for inpatient and outpatient procedures, community health and Expectant Parent Organization education classes, human resources employment applications, volunteer service applications, gift shop orders, Cannacare Rx Clinics Foundation donations, pharmacy refills, registrations for businesses, and information provided for Related Services, My Cannacare Rx Clinics messaging, and E-Mail requests.

Similar to other websites, the Cannacare Rx Clinics Website does collect items including, but not limited to, browser type, referring site, IP addresses, and time and date of access. The Website also uses cookies (a small text file that can be stored on an individual’s browser) and other similar devises. Cookies allow you to easily move through secured pages once you have logged on.

  1. Use of Information Collected. Once we receive your transmission of personal information, Cannacare Rx Clinics treats the information as confidential. By submitting information through the Website or any Related Services application or webpage, you authorize Cannacare Rx Clinics, in accordance with all laws and regulations, to disclose the information as Cannacare Rx Clinics desires.

Your information may also be used to address any inappropriate use of the Website.

  1. Third Party Access to Information Collected. Cannacare Rx Clinics does share information from the Website and Related Services with third parties. This is done as a part of Cannacare Rx Clinics’s routine business process for maintaining the Website, and providing for requested services. While Cannacare Rx Clinics does what it can to ensure such third parties maintain the confidentiality of such information, Cannacare Rx Clinics cannot guarantee the effectiveness of such third parties’ privacy policies or safety measures. You may be asked to agree to third party’s terms of use in order to access certain content or functionality of the Website or Related Services. Cannacare Rx Clinics is not responsible for any such third party’s terms of use or for such services or content provided by third parties.
  2. Security Measures. When you submit personal information to Cannacare Rx Clinics through the pre-registration form, the gift shop order form, the Expectant Parent Organization form, any clinical trial application form,the pharmacy refill form,or any other Cannacare Rx Clinics form,Cannacare Rx Clinics encrypts the information using encryption technology which is the industry standard and a means to protect information that passes over the web to Cannacare Rx Clinics’s server. While Cannacare Rx Clinics is committed to enhancing security through use of encryption technology, at this time no data transmission over the Internet can be made completely secure. Cannacare Rx Clinics cannot ensure that encryption technologies are undecipherable or that servers on or off Cannacare Rx Clinic premises are impenetrable. Cannacare Rx Clinics will not be liable for disclosures of your personal information as a result of interrupted transmission or unauthorized acts of a third party. Updated Internet browser technology, such as Netscape Navigator 4.0 (or later) or Microsoft Explorer 5.0 (or later), is required to activate the encryption technology used by Cannacare Rx Clinics.

The Website has other security measures in place to reasonably protect the information under Cannacare Rx Clinics’ control via the Website. Such controls include but are not limited to: (i) firewalls to prevent unauthorized access and control traffic between the internet and internal networks; (ii) system monitoring; and (iii) digital certificate authentication to ensure secure transactions.

The Website, by its nature, cannot be completely protected against attempts of unauthorized acts of third parties. Moreover, Cannacare Rx Clinics does not control the devises you use to access the Website and/or choose to send confidential information with and any email that you send unencrypted is at your own risk.

  1. Other Websites. This Privacy Policy addresses only uses of your personal information by Cannacare Rx Clinics as obtained through this Website, Related Services, and My Cannacare Rx Clinics. This Privacy Policy does not extend to other websites and Cannacare Rx Clinics makes no warranties regarding the use of personal information you disclose to other websites, even if those websites are linked to the Website. We encourage you to review the privacy policy(ies) of all other websites that you access.

Secure portals or other areas of this Website, such as My Cannacare Rx Clinics, incorporate their own set of policies depending on the services offered and data collection requirements.

  1. Children’s Protection. This Website is generally not directed toward children under 18 years of age. Any information requested from or submitted by minors under the age of 18 must be submitted by the minor’s parent, guardian, or legal representative. If you are under the age of 18, please do not attempt to register with us or provide any personal information. Cannacare Rx Clinics shall delete any information it knows it has obtained from individuals under 18 years of age.
  2. Changes to this Website Privacy Policy. Cannacare Rx Clinics reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. Cannacare Rx Clinics reserves the right to make any revised policy effective for personal information already collected through this Website and My Cannacare Rx Clinics, as well as personal information collected in the future. Your continued use of the Cannacare Rx Clinics Website and My Cannacare Rx Clinics constitutes acceptance of any changes to this Privacy Policy. For your information, the date of the last revision of this Privacy Policy is stated at the bottom of this Policy.
  3. Your Rights and Responsibilities. You may decline to submit information to us, in which case, your use of Related Services and other features of the Website may be limited. You may turn off any location service tracker on your mobile devise if you are utilizing the Website or Related Services via a mobile device. You may opt-out of enabling cookies and other tracking devises by using your browser’s features to opt-out. You may opt-out of promotional emails from Cannacare Rx Clinics by following the unsubscribe instructions. To request any additional opt-outs, please contact the Cannacare Rx Clinics Privacy Officer at +1-(800) 201-3624 or by email:
  4. Cannacare Rx Clinics Notice of Privacy Practices. For information about how Cannacare Rx Clinics uses and discloses health information collected as a result of services you obtain at Cannacare Rx Clinics facilities (not through this Website), please review the Cannacare Rx Clinics Notice of Privacy Practices, a copy of which is provided for you on this Website.